GoEliteClub was born out of a mission to deliver top-notch personalized luxury travel experiences, curated with comfort in mind. We factor everything into the equation from your interests to your budget, always delivering on quality and the highest standards. 

We work avidly to establish enduring relationships built on trust with our customers, paying close attention to every little detail. We always ensure our service is stellar from the moment you get in contact with one of our tour representatives until you take your flight back home. For this reason, your privacy and confidentially is a top priority and are in safe hands with us. 


We may receive and store your information. We may also collect some of your information through different channels: online forms; contact us (via email, phone, webchat, or letter), survey, or our Loyalty Program.


Please find our safe practices below.


Sharing your data:


Third Parties

In accordance with data protection laws, your information may be sent to our various service suppliers including hotels, drivers, tour operators, airlines, payment processors, and in a few cases, governmental authorities for visas and border crossings. Except for these cases, your information will never be shared with any other third party nor do we allow any third party advertisement on our website for your complete safety.



Your information may be shared internally between our staff and internal contractors to help facilitate services provided to you. 




Our website uses cookies, an existing component of the browser software that streamlines the user's experience if they ever revisit. We use cookies only to monitor traffic. These cookies do not identify individuals just the computer address. It is commonplace for most browsers to automatically accept cookies. You have the option to alter the configuration and choose to accept them or not. Some websites also alert their users as soon they land on a page and ask them to accept Cookies to continue.

Under which circumstances can my info be shared?

Our company reserves the right to share your data in the case of:


• Needing to exercise our rights in case of legal action when stipulated by law or in defense against a legal claim


• Investigating suspected or illegal activities that may come at harm to our company, customers, website, and other parties as stipulated in the terms of our agreements.  


Exceptionally in the cases mentioned above, you will be notified and have the chance to decline or accept that other parties are requesting access to your personal information.  



How do you protect my Information?

At GoEliteClub we prioritize online security, using the most advanced and electronic and administrative tools including McAfee Security System and software that safeguards the encryption of your data, additional firewall system, and other intrusion detection methods.  


Only permitted staff members will have access to your information, and management of your account will be administered only when necessary.  


Is the protection extended to external links?  


Our Privacy Policy is valid only to internal links on our website.