About US

Go Elite Club Travel was born out of a vision to create a luxurious, super-plush traveling experience putting comfort and luxury at the forefront of everything that we do. We curate private, personalized experiences for high-end clientele looking to experience the very best that each of our destinations has to offer. From five-star glamorous accommodation to private modern transportation to stellar service at every step, Go Elite elevates hospitality to new levels.


Our online travel packages open up a world of luxury and comfort, taking you to the middle east’s most beautiful stays and helping you experience the highest level of service at each of our destinations. Carefully crafted with attention to all the small details, Go Elite’s trips are designed with you in mind. 


Our brilliant team works busily, finding the most exquisite stays, travel experiences, and highest levels of hospitality all across the middle east. Our extensive research, long industry experience and passion for all things travel make us uniquely qualified to deliver an unforgettable experience characterized by class and fine amenities.


Founded by a group of seasoned travelers with years of industry experience under their belt, Go Elite is different from other travel companies, placing a large focus on quality, trust, respect, and of course, a wealth of choices and varieties. We ensure your experience is fine-tuned to the perfect level of comfort, easer, and satisfaction.


We take away the hassle of having to research non-stop to try and create the best itinerary possible by listening to your needs and utilizing our expertise to curate the perfect plan for your entire trip from start to finish.


Bringing together a fine selection of trusted travel agents and partners, Go Elite has launched into the Middle East offering luxury packages catering to different tastes. From pristine locations and high-quality experiences to ultra-glamorous accommodations and upscale dining, Go Elite gives travelers a holistic and well-balanced travel experience with an emphasis on ease of mind.


Our deep curiosity and admiration for the wealth of historical and natural wonders in the Middle East drove us to create a portal through our services to help curious travelers experience the best the region has to offer. 


We put into consideration every aspect of traveling from budget to safety to credibility. We employ only the leading tour operators in the Middle East—people with demonstrated industry experience who share the same fervor and passion we have for traveling and experiencing the middle east.


 Safety is our top priority, ensuring you always have a comfortable and carefree experience in the hands of our trusted guides and in compliance with all authorities. We always provide you with all the necessary information prior to your arrival to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience at all times.


Finally, we want to demystify that having a pleasurable and luxurious travel experience is expensive. We work hard to forge strategic partnerships with partners all over the Middle East to ensure the best price and highest affordability to our customers. 


Our tours can be tailored to fit all of your needs, whether you want a private tour for you and your loved ones for an intimate experience or a group tour to experience a destination with another group of curious travelers. Expect world-class service from the moment you arrive at the airport to the moment you say your final farewell. Your trip will always be customized to your exact needs and we go above and beyond to ensure all your preferences are met.