Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your questions before joining a tour so that you can find out exactly what you want to know.

Our customers can travel with confidence and know they’re safe with Go Elite’s safety measures. From arrival until departure, customers will constantly be provided with hygienic tools such as hand sanitizer, masks, and wipes. 

Each hotel and cruise has its own cancelation and refund policy, so it differs from case to case. Please refer back to your travel consultant for advice.

Many of our tours are private. However, if someone else on your tour shows symptoms of COVID-19 while traveling, we will assist them in finding medical care. We will also follow the advice of local health authorities on whether a COVID-19 test is required, whether there is a need to quarantine, or if there is a risk to other travelers in the group.

If any COVID-19 cases are confirmed, the standard health and safety protocols will be followed. 
Please note that while we will assist you to ensure you receive the proper medical care but all expenses for testing, treatment or self-quarantine will be at a personal cost.

Please refer to your travel insurance provider for more details about its coverage.

It is always recommended to purchase travel insurance. Good travel insurance must cover at the very minimum personal injuries caused by accidents, lost or damaged items, lost or delayed baggage, and medical expenses in case of emergencies abroad.

It is generally safe for women to travel alone; however, women traveling to specific countries such as those in the Middle East should exercise more caution if going out alone especially if unaccompanied. Be sure to read carefully about your destination country and their security information, hear from other solo female travelers and plan your trip accordingly. 

We work with you and get to know your preference to create the perfect trip every time. We consider your priorities every step. Whether you are looking for an adventure or for a more serene experience, we got you covered. We accommodate every preference.

You know a country is safe when you’re able to stroll its streets without a care in mind soaking in your surrounding and enjoying the local’s hospitality. Egypt has always been and still is one of the Safest Tourist Destinations in the world. In addition, the safety of our customers is a top priority in all our Egypt tours, Egypt Holiday’s pyramids, and Nile Cruise, and every trip to Egypt we offer as Memphis Tours Egypt, a local service provider in the Travel Industry.