They say "Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart" and the small sultanate of Oman is just one of those experiences that leave you speechless and take your breath away.

This small country in the Middle East is a lot of times overlooked by travellers but we believe it should be the next country on your bucket list. From awe-inspiring mountains, to the infinite desert and crystal blue sea with secluded beaches – it is a nature lover’s dream.

Packages and Short Breaks

Explore Elite Club variety of Packages and Short Breaks especially selected for the curious travelers. Travel the world so unspoiled by outside influences with pure nature and spirituality. Let us help you find yourself in the small sultanate of Oman.

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Day Tours and Excursions

Oman may be a small country, but the richness of its culture, history and breathtaking nature is more than worth exploring. For this reason Elite Club has selected the best day tours and excursions to help  travelers to the most Oman has to offer. Let us open the door for you to the mysterious City of Muscat and the picturesque Salalah. From trekking in the Oman Mountains to exploring the numerous Wadis or following the baby turtles with their first steps into the sea, Elite Club is here to help.

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